This page outlines the special measures and information implemented in the rental properties for Vacation Planners, Inc./ to eliminate the risks of the COVID19 virus and other diseases. .

1. If you have any form of a medical emergency or suspect exposure to COVID19 please call the Culebra Hospital at 787-742-0001. This number is also shown above. Feel free to bookmark this page on any electronic devices you may have for quick reference.

2. Our rental properties are cleaned, sanitized and disinfected per the cleaning and disinfecting standards set by the Puerto Rico Tourism Company.

3. There is a period of at least 24 hours between rentals to allow organic disinfection of surfaces in addition to the disinfection measures taken during our cleaning process.

4. Facemasks are required when in public.

5. Social distancing should be practiced in public and wherever appropriate.

6. All guests should wash hands often, when needed, after touching common surfaces, at a minimum for 20 seconds every 60 minutes.

7. All guests should take extra care not to touch any parts of their face with their hands or any other objects.

8. This Short-term rental's Innkeeper is registered at the Puerto Rico Tourism Company and follows the Health and Safety measures enacted in May 2020. A copy of the Health and Safety measures can be found at

9. If you find that this property is not in compliance with the established standards, please reach out to the Puerto Rico Tourism Company (PRTC) via email to: Include the location, Inkeeper number and description of the concern. The PRTC will get back to you to process your claim and get more information.

10. Thank you for renting from Vacation Planners on Culebra, Puerto Rico Hotel ID#: 06-77-04-0347. If you have any questions, comments, issues, etc... or if you need additional information feel free to contact us at 787-398-3174 or E-Mail us at

11. Have a safe, healthy and great vacation.