This page shows links to actively listed properties on the Island of Culebra, Puerto Rico. At Culebra Real Estate Sales we can help you with the purchase of any property on our Island. We have 23 years experience with Real Estate Sales and Rentals on Culebra so we have all the resources, knowledge and experience to help you with the purchase process in Puerto Rico and on Culebra and can also help you with post purchase support if you desire. We can work all aspects of the real estate transaction for you whether it be marketing your property that you want to sell or finding a property you want to purchase. We have experience and resources for marketing properties, website development, website support, Seach Engine Optimization, title searches, legal support, financing, insurance, CRIM (Property taxes), Hacienda, help with Utility companies and all other aspects related to the purchase or sale of a property in Culebra. Once purchased we also have a full service Property Management Company where we can handle all aspects of maintaining, cleaning, remodeling, construction and renting your property or any subset of these services. At your convenience feel free to view the links below to see all properties actively listed for sale on Culebra.

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With all that said here are links to actively listed properties in Culebra. The first group of links are to the real estate companies located on Culebra, Puerto Rico. Our site,, and the sites for the other Culebra real estate companies, and I have known the Owners of Island Realty for over 20 years and the Owners of culebrasunrise since I moved to Culebra over 23 years ago. We all work very well together so we would all be more than happy to help with any listings shown in the links below or any other properties for sale on our island.

These additional links below are to public sites that list properties For Sale on Culebra. Some of these links below may not have Culebra listings at this time but we captured them here for when they add Culebra properties For Sale in the future. If you know of other sites with Culebra properties For Sale feel free to let us know via "Contact Us" at the upper right of this page and we can add them to this list below.
7th Heaven Properties
Century 21

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